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April 20, 2017
Arnold Kamler - Long lead times, lack of data present challenges in supply chain

Arnold Kamler, CEO of Kent International

Moderator Luke Musselman of Hwa Fong Rubber, Arnold Kamler, CEO of Kent International, ...

by Lynette Carpiet

“Lead times are way too long and it all stems from certain component parts that include derailleurs and other parts like that,” he said, adding how Kent specs derailleurs from three suppliers to minimize the impact. “How crazy to have to commit to a whole season in advance? You guys in the IBD market are prisoners. You have to place whole-year commitments or miss the whole season.”

Kamler, who’s assembling 1,200 to 1,400 bikes out of a South Carolina factory, said Wal-Mart’s push for made in USA bikes prompted the move to bring manufacturing back from Asia, and now he’s focused on shortening the supply chain by bringing as much production in-house as he can, from painting to frame building to component manufacturing.